President Donald Trump wants to remove your FIRST AMENDMENT rights to free speech and expression

Under the SISEA bill, which is an anti-porn bill disguised as a bill to stop internet sexual exploitation/child trafficking.


We have already had to make changes to our TOS to:

Prevent users from arranging any sort of meetups in person

Even if just for a cup of coffee

In the off-chance having coffee together between consenting adults led to sex

Again in the guise of stopping people from trafficking minors

We can not let this bill pass at all. Doing so will affect millions of websites

Including Drako's Den

Forcing all websites that host adult content to either:

Stop hosting any and all Adult Content, unless they hire and pay for staff to

1. Moderate content before it gets posted to ensure:

Said content does not contain anyone in the national "do not post" database.

(Which is an all or nothing database, if you are on there, you cannot post any adult content of yourself at all.)

The users in all content has not only provided their IDs, but also filled out and signed individual consent forms for each site.

2. Or the website must close entirely, which could lead to loss of jobs and platforms to share content.

No website is safe, even art only sites will need to comply to this law.

Adult art can NOT be posted unless the website adhere to this law.

Owners of the characters in said art would need to follow the law.

If a character owner is on the database or does not provide ID and fill out the consent form:

The character's art can not be shown online.

There is nothing in this bill protecting children

Loopholes in this bill may also potentially legalize child porn and exploitation.

You may follow the anti-SISEA movement on Twitter here:


(Even Twitter will be affected by this law, no more porn on Twitter-if it remains open.)

Please help us stop this bill:

Sign this petition:


TXT "SIGN PPRPXI" to 50409 to send letters to your representitves.

If this bill passes, Drako's Den will have to close forever.

This bill:

Is censorship

Violates the Constitution

Will negatively impact sex workers, including those who share content online. (AKA: Porn Stars)

Will negatively impact anyone who generates Adult Content. (This includes artists making money to draw your fursona.)

Will force all adult sites to close, even Art Only sites.

To date, all anti-trafficking bills have not only done nothing to stop trafficking.

But also made sex work more dangerous for consenting adults.

Drawing adult art does apparently count as "sex work."

Even of fictional characters.


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