New Domains for Drako's Den and Playground

We have been keeping track of our domains on FreeDNS and have noted there has been a need to move all sites to new domains.

Drako's Den and Drako's Playground are the only affected sites.

The domain server FreeDNS has been working on server maintenance that has taken the domains offline 7 times in the past 5 days.  Many of these outages lasting 12+ hours per time.

With that in mind, we are moving both websites to new domains.

Drako's Den is now:


Drako's Playground is now:


We are working to update all affected links to the sites to new domains and will work with search engines to get the domains switched over to the new ones.

Also, if you got to this page via drako.funurl.com or tnsc.thrill.to we are asking you to update your bookmarks as we plan to close all old domains at the end of the year.

As a side note, our Parent Site (Drako's Website Services) is currently down due to the main server (Bast) not having power.  (Bast is a private server provided to us by a fellow Fur, DennisTheTiger)

Bast is in an area currently being affected by wildfires and subsequent power outages from the power company shutting down power to customers in an effort to reduce the risks of new fires.  (Hint hint, its CA)

We currently do not have plans regarding moving files from Bast at this time:

Mainly due to the fact we do not have access to said files, and because we do wish to continue to use the server space that was donated to us.

We are still looking for Content Moderators and System Admins for Drako's Den and Playground.  Please see the forums on our sites to learn more.


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