Seeking Content Moderators / System Admins

Seeking Content Moderators / System Admins

We are looking for anyone interested in volunteering time as a Content Moderator or a System (Website) Admin. 

Moderators and Admins are our first/last lines of defense against spammers, trolls, and other rule breakers. 

Moderators are expected to: 

Keep an eye on Drako's Den/Playground Art/Photo Galleries, Forums, and Chat. 

Activate user accounts on Drako's Den/Playground Art/Photo Galleries. 

Help moderate submitted content to ensure it follows our AUP, Community Rules, and TOS.  

(Which should also align with server rules.) 

Help monitor/moderate our chats to ensure all users are behaving. 

(With the ability to kick/ban users who misbehave.) 

We do not expect moderators to operate on a full time bases, and may operate part time, or during their spare time. 

System Admins are expected to: 

Do all functions of a Moderator 

Confirm and add Video submissions 

Maintain the website, which would include weekly updates to the home page. 

Follow the DWS Team rules in regards to website/server maintenance. 

System Admins are also known as DWS Team Members and should be familiar with HTML, CSS, JS, and other web development languages. 

System Admins are also encouraged to take on tasks as DWS Team Members, which includes working on other websites as well. 

Both Content Moderators and System Admins should: 

Create/Maintain Accounts on all Drako's Den/Playground Services (Galleries, Forums, Chat) 

(This includes having a registered nickname on Anthrochat IRC for our chat rooms. 

Actively participate on Drako's Den/Playground on a regular basis. 

(This includes uploading to the galleries and posting to the Forums.) 

We will personally interview all applicants for either position. 

Before we will consider any applicant they must: 

Be at least 18 years of age (we run an adult website after all) 

Have uploaded at least 1 submission per gallery. 

Have posted at least 2-5 posts to either/both Forums. 

(The first post may be a User Description on the User Description Boards.) 

Have spent at least 30 minutes in either/both Chats. 

If you are interested in being a content moderator please reply 

to the "Seeking" Thread on Drako's Den/Playground Forums:

Drako's Den: http://drako.furfag.net

Drako's Playground: http://drako.twilightparadox.com/

Or if you are interested in becoming a System Admin, follow this link: 



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