January 21st, 2021

The past 4 years...

The past 4 years...

So, many of you have seen me become rather vocal, especially on our Twitter (DrakoWSTeam) regarding certian world leaders.

Before any of you decide to comment on this, please understand that I am posting my own opionions and observations of the last 4 years under The Evil Peach.

Some of these things you did NOT see as some of you were brainwashed into thinking he was doing GOOD things.

So for those of you who want to start an argument over this, shut the fuck up.

You're "Saint Peach" did this to himself, and incited a VIOLENT fucking riot that got people killed with HIS OWN LIES.

So, what did the Evil Peach actually do for America?

Hint, he did NOT make it great again.

He made things worse for a lot of us.

He made his rich pedophile buddies much more comforatble with their own lives.

While pushing a law that makes "legitimate" sex work (including professional porn and the creation of adult art) ILLEGAL.

A bill that does NOTHING to stop what it claims to (Pedophilia and sex trafficking) while making conesnting adults in porn/art illegal.


This means websites like FA would be forced to take down all current and past adult art and become PG-13 only or close forever.

All sites that currently allow adult images/videos would also have to stop hosting all past, current, and future such content - or close forever.

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