March 26th, 2020

Moving all Galleries for Drako's Den and Playground

After spending a couple of weeks moving files from Drako's Den Photo galleries from Booru to its newest service, we have decided to make a system wide change to all Galleries for Drako's Den and Playground.

We have noticed both the Playground and Den Forums had a built in gallery feature and have decided to move all galleries to these features built into the Forums.

This will reduce the amount of accounts required to participate on Drako's Den and Playground.

With the old system, users needed accounts for 4 different Booru sites and the Forums, a total of 6 separate accounts.  Under the new setup, users will only need 2 accounts, which are for the Forums of each site.

We will begin migrating all images to the new galleries shortly.  The Adult Photos have already been moved as we plan to end ties with Booru for photo hosting.

However, we will allow the art to remain on the Booru sites as an archive, but will work on merging them to the new system shortly.

Today, we are updating the upload page to reflect these changes, and will direct users to the new galleries for both sites.  Over time, we will get the site wide menus updated with links to the new galleries.